Demystifying Avocado Supplements: A Guide to Quality Products and Annavocado's Role

Demystifying Avocado Supplements: A Guide to Quality Products and Annavocado's Role

The world of dietary supplements can often feel like a labyrinth with its myriad of options and claims. One emerging star in the supplement world is avocado, famed for its nutritional bounty and health benefits. This article aims to help navigate the selection process for avocado supplements, spotlighting factors such as ingredient sourcing, capsule composition, and third-party testing. Let's also take a closer look at the quality assurance protocols of Annavocado. 

Understanding Avocado Supplements

Avocado supplements are typically derived from the oil of the fruit, which is extracted from its pulp. The quality of avocado oil varies based on how it's processed. Cold-pressed and mechanically extracted oil, devoid of chemical interference and kept below 122°F, is often labeled as virgin or extra virgin. This oil retains the vibrant green hue of avocados and is somewhat cloudy, reflecting its natural state​

Avocado oil has multiple health advantages. It can be heart-healthy if used as a replacement for saturated fats like butter. It's a potent source of vitamin E, a vital antioxidant, and provides enough beta-sitosterol to potentially improve symptoms of benign prostate enlargement. It also contributes to lutein intake, which may lower the risk of macular degeneration. 

Choosing High-Quality Avocado Supplements

When choosing an avocado supplement, consider the following factors:

  1. Ingredient Sourcing: The quality of the avocado oil used in the supplement is paramount. Look for companies that source their avocados sustainably and prioritize cold-pressed, mechanically extracted oil.

  2. Capsule Composition: Check the type of capsule used. Look for capsules made from plant-derived materials, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.

  3. Third-Party Testing: This provides an unbiased verification of the product's quality, potency, and safety. Companies should be transparent about their third-party testing results.

Spotlight: Annavocado

At Annavocado we set a high standard for quality and transparency. We have engaged Hill Laboratories, New Zealand’s largest privately owned analytical laboratory, to test the soil on their farm. The Certificate of Analysis from these tests confirms the quality of our products​. 

Hill Laboratories, established in 1984, provides a wide range of laboratory tests to domestic and international markets in three key testing areas: Agriculture, Environmental, and Food. Their involvement with Annavocado underscores our commitment to product quality and integrity. 

In addition, Annavocado partners with AsureQuality Limited, a company owned by the New Zealand government that specializes in food quality assurance. With over 1700 staff at over 100 locations, AsureQuality provides certification, inspection, testing, and training services, ensuring that Annavocado's supplements meet rigorous standards. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a high-quality avocado supplement need not be an overwhelming process. With careful consideration of ingredient sourcing, capsule composition, and third-party testing, you can confidently select a product that aligns with your health goals. Annavocado's commitment to quality and its partnerships with Hill Laboratories and AsureQuality Limited demonstrate how supplement companies can prioritize quality assurance and transparency.

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