About Us

Good Health. Provided by Nature. 

Welcome to Annavocado, where our journey is as rich and nourishing as the avocados we cherish. Our story unfolds in the verdant landscapes of Northern New Zealand, where Anna, our co-founder, discovered the transformative power of avocados on a quaint orchard visit in 2010. Struggling with health challenges from birth, Anna experienced a remarkable turnaround in her well-being through daily avocado consumption. This pivotal moment ignited a passion to share the miraculous health benefits of New Zealand's Hass avocados with the world.

Annavocado was born from this vision and the personal health transformations of our founders, Anna and Dr. Walter. Witnessing firsthand the improvements in their health, from reduced muscular aches to stabilized blood sugar levels, they embarked on a mission to make these benefits accessible globally. Our dedication to health and wellness led to the innovation of a cold extraction process, capturing the essence of perfectly ripened avocados in our health supplements and skincare products.

Rooted in the heart of a sprawling 40 Rai avocado orchard, Annavocado stands as a testament to the power of nature. Our 750 Hass avocado trees are not just plants; they are the cornerstone of our commitment to organic, sustainable farming practices. We meticulously hand-pick each avocado, ensuring that only the best quality fruits are used to create our products. Laboratory tested and AsureQuality certified, our range is a beacon of purity and natural well-being.

At Annavocado, we champion the journey from farm to kitchen, delivering the gift of health through our 100% organic Hass avocados. Our innovative approach extends the shelf life and geographical reach of avocado benefits, offering a daily dose of wellness that transcends borders. Join us in embracing the wholesome goodness of avocados, and nourish your body and soul with Annavocado.

Warm Regards,