All Annavocado products are certified by AsureQuality in New Zealand and approved for sale in Thailand by Thai FDA. Kindly see certificates for each of the products below:

Annavocado Avocado Oil Soft Gel Capsules
AsureQuality Certificate of Analysis
FDA Certification
Anna Fit Coffe
AsureQuality Certificate of Analysis
FDA Certification



Some years ago a product certified as ORGANIC was regarded to be of the
highest standard.

The term 'Organic' generally relates to how the product is grown. Both the soil and the supplements used to produce the fruit are strictly monitored, for a period of 5 years before the Certificate is issued.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, the label 'Organic' has been used on all types of products by unscupulous marketeers.

At ANNAVOCADO the decision was made to no longer label the products 'Organic', but instead, to have all our products tested by AsureQuality, a government licensed laboratory in New Zealand. The aim being to ensure that the product be 'Residue Free'.

Each product is tested in the laboratory, for more than two hundred (200) known pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals, pathogens and other growth supplements. This ensures that the product contains no residues of any of these 'known to be harmful' substances

Every ANNAVOCADO production carries the AsureQuality symbol and has a individual Certificate of Analysis, ensuring that you receive a truly 'Organic' product.
Annavocado has engaged Hill Laboratories to test the soil on our farm, the Certificate of Analysis confirms, our soil contains a high organic matter which is ideal for plant growth.