Our Unwavering Commitment to Sustainable Farming & Quality Control

Our Unwavering Commitment to Sustainable Farming & Quality Control

Nestled in the lush valleys of Northern New Zealand, where verdant landscapes paint a picture of pure serenity, lies the heartbeat of Annavocado. A company born from the passionate pursuits of Dr. Walter and Khun Anna in 2015, Annavocado stands as a testament to sustainable farming and impeccable quality control.

A Promise to the Earth

At Annavocado, sustainable farming is not just a buzzword – it's an ethos. From our sprawling 40 Rai avocado orchard in the Bay of Plenty, known as the Avocado Capital of New Zealand, we nurture every Hass avocado tree as if it's our own child. Sustainability is rooted in every decision we make.

Growing avocados isn't a walk in the park. As one of the more challenging crops to cultivate, it demands precise care. The nutrition of the trees, the happiness of the bees, and the health of the soil play significant roles. Understanding the intricate balance, we've forged an ecosystem where each component thrives. A happy bee means efficient pollination. A nourished tree signifies bountiful harvests. And a respected piece of land promises sustainability for generations to come.

Quality Control: Beyond the Norm

Our unwavering commitment to quality control is what sets Annavocado products apart. Every avocado we harvest is a testament to our dedication. We don't just look at the fruit's exterior; we delve deep into its very essence.

Process-grade avocados, which might not meet the typical aesthetic norms for retail due to their petite size or slight imperfections, find an honored place in our production line. These avocados, though overlooked by many, are rich in nutrients and essential oils.

Zero Waste: A Commitment to Our Planet

In our journey from orchard to oil, we're proud to say that we leave no stone unturned and, importantly, no waste behind. Embracing the value of each avocado, we ensure every part is utilized. What might not go into our premium wellness supplements finds its way back to the land, serving as nourishment for the soil and ensuring the circle of sustainability continues.

This zero-waste approach extends to our entire production process. By transforming every bit of the avocado into a product or returning it to the earth, we uphold our commitment to the environment and future generations.


Annavocado is more than just a brand; it's a promise. A promise to our consumers that they're receiving products crafted with utmost care and dedication. A promise to our earth that we'll tread lightly, ensuring sustainability at every step. And a promise to ourselves to uphold the high standards we've set.

In the sprawling orchards of Annavocado, every rustle of the leaves and every buzz of the bees tells a story – a story of commitment, quality, and love for the land. Join us in our journey, where we don't just offer you a product, but the very heart of New Zealand's avocado heritage.